Saguaro cactus in desert

Why is Arizona so Hot?

If you live in Arizona, you may be used to the heat already, but to tourists and visitors, Arizona can be unbearably hot, especially during the summer months. May to September are the hottest months for Arizona. If you’ve often asked yourself “why is it so hot here?” there actually are many reasons why it gets so hot in this state.

awning over wooden front door

How to Protect Wooden Front Doors from Sun Damage

UV rays and heat from direct sunlight can be very hard on exterior wooden doors on homes. The finish can crack and fade, the wood might expand or contract, and overtime the light will make the door look dull. This could throw off your home’s curb appeal and be frustrating to deal with. So how can you protect your home’s wooden doors from the sun? We’ve listed some of the best ways to help prevent sun damage on exterior doors.

Air conditioning unit outside of house

Should You Shade Your Air Conditioner?

Rather than relying solely on your home’s air conditioner to keep you cool, you can take some easy steps to help the mechanical cooling system. Standard suggestions for enhancing energy efficiency still apply, such as insulating your house, using curtains, and keeping cooling ducts clean. Another step you can take to boost your cooling system’s efficiency is to provide shade to your external air conditioner unit.