Motorized, Retractable Awnings

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Our Retractable Awnings Come Motorized And Add Shade & Style To Your Home

Over patios, decks, windows & doors, retractable awnings add shade & comfort, but also lend a charming old-world feel to your home. With our great selection of awnings, you will also be adding a modern feel with our motorized, retractable awnings. Our awnings are available in different styles and sizes to suit any style of your house. We offer only the best easy-to-use awnings available in Arizona and Tucson to help you enjoy the outdoor view from your home!

Add Outdoor Living Space Without Expensive Remodeling

Awnings offer excellent protection from the sun for your patios, decks, and outdoor seating areas. Extend your living space without the cost of a permanent addition! With your motorized awnings and retractable, you’ll enjoy the convenience that comes with it. Save effort and time that it would take for standard awnings and focus on enjoying the outdoor view.

Reduce Energy Costs & Protect Your Home

By lowering interior temperatures up to 15 degrees or more, awnings help reduce cooling costs & protect from monsoon rains.

Retractable Awnings Provide A Choice – Sun Or Shade

Most patio & deck awnings are retractable. On sunny days, protect your family from harmful UV rays while also preventing fading of upholstery & floors inside your home. On cloudy days, retract the awning to let in a little more light – it’s up to you! Enjoy better control over your patio and deck with our durable, retractable awnings.

Motorized Awnings Provide Convenience & Safety

Most retractable awnings are available with remote controlled, motorized operation. Combined with a motion sensor, available on most models, your awning will retract automatically in windy conditions. That means you use your awnings as you see fit while never having to worry about your awnings having wind damage.

See What An Awning Will Look Like On Your Home, Before You Buy

Want to see what your retractable awning will look like before you pay for anything? See it first, complete with shade projections, with our free retractable awning rendering service.

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A History Of Awnings & Sun Shades

An awning is often a convenience that is taken for granted. Though awnings provide comfort and protect property in ways that aren’t hard to imagine missing, awnings tend to get the short end of the stick in terms of credit. Even during the most sweltering of summer days, while a homeowner lounges on their patio they are probably not thinking about the history and evolution of the awning. The history of the awning is something that we DO think about. The following is a brief outline of how awnings and sun shades came to be and how they developed.

The first awnings trace all the way back to ancient times. As protection from the sun, awnings were usable for everything from carts to stadiums. In fact, the Coliseum itself had an awning system that covered seating areas. The massive awning system, called the valerium (curtain), was made of canvas woven by boat sailmakers. Additionally, most early awning systems were side projects engineered by sailmakers.

As society became more advanced, awnings became sturdier and more extravagant. For instance, there was a considerable boom of awnings during the industrialization/post Civil War period as the new production techniques allowed for sturdier and resistant metals. Therefore, awnings could be built of stronger materials, such as frames made of piping and covers of heavier canvases.

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