Motorized Rolling Security Shutters

Rolling security shutters provide excellent security, privacy & energy efficiency for your home.

Law Enforcement Agrees – Rolling Security Shutters Are Among The Best Home Security Options Available

Rolling shutters are an excellent deterrent to crime. Aside from the physical barrier, security shutters provide an almost unbeatable visual deterrent to would be intruders.

Protection From Extreme Southwest Weather & Temperatures

Rolling shutters provide superior protection from extreme temperatures & weather, keeping the most extreme conditions the Southwest has to offer from ever hitting the glass.

Reduce Cooling & Heating Bills By Up To 60%

Rolling shutters prevent heat transfer through your windows & glass doors, keeping your home cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter, without additional utility costs.

Enjoy Total Home Privacy With Rolling Shutters

Privacy in your home has never been easier. Instantly block light, noise & spying eyes at the flip of a switch with automatic rolling shutters.

Unsurpassed Security & Privacy For Windows, Glass Doors & Patio Enclosures

Not just for store-fronts, rolling security shutters can protect your home & patio from intruders while you’re home or away.

Rolling Shutters Are The Ultimate In Home Privacy

Rolling shutters can help give you more privacy and keep you free from prying eyes. You can even lower them only part way so that you can still enjoy your views while blocking nosy neighbors. Rolling shutters will also reduce the noise from traffic, storms, leaf blowers, etc. by up to 50%! If you need peace and quiet and value your privacy, rolling shutters can’t be beat.

Intruders look for easy ways to enter a home or business and windows are often the means that they use to break in. Rolling shutters can provide an excellent deterrent to criminals and help prevent your home or business from becoming a target.

The solid aluminum construction of the rolling shutters creates even more of a barrier and can help you avoid becoming the victim of a crime. Law Enforcement Agencies agree that rolling shutters are one of the best ways to protect your home. And, rolling shutters may even reduce your home insurance premium.

For the absolute tightest in security needs, we also offer the Maximum-Security Extruded Slat which is up to 4 times stronger than standard slats and is perfect for storefronts and commercial space as well as homes with extreme security needs.

Rolling shutters will also reduce the noise from traffic, storms, leaf blowers, etc. by up to 50%

Outstanding Shade & Weather Protection

Rolling Security Shutters keep the harsh Southwestern climate at bay.

One of the biggest benefits of rolling shutters is that they are extremely effective in keeping out the sun – a must for the Southwest’s hot, desert climate. Your windows let in 1200-1400 BTU/sq foot of heat per day from the sun. This can add significantly to your home cooling bill and increase wear and tear on your air conditioning unit. Shutters can reduce your cooling bills by up to 60%.

Additionally, shutters block “air leak” and assist in keeping the hot outside air from getting into your home. Rolling shutters can also help prevent glare on TV and computer screens as well as reduce fading of carpets, draperies, and upholstery. Another benefit is that rolling shutters provide a nice, dark environment for people who may need to sleep during the day.

Often Referred To As “Hurricane Shutters”, Rolling Shutters Provide Excellent Wind & Storm Protection

The Southwest has relatively mild weather most of the time, but we do occasionally get high winds during the monsoon season and throughout other times of the year. It is not uncommon for windows to be broken by flying debris or branches during one of these storms.

Hail also occurs sometimes and is another cause of window damage. Rolling shutters are an excellent form of protection against these elements. Plus, if you live near a golf course, rolling shutters are the best way to shield your windows from errant golf balls!

Your Security is Guaranteed!

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** Extended Warranty available on select models. Call us for details.